Stanhope 6 Trigs


Stanhope 6 Trigs - OS Grid References

Trig PointGrid Reference
Collier LawNZ 01622 41790
Horseshoe HillNY 98524 44892
Bolts LawNY 94988 45431
Crow Coal HillNY 95924 40411
Bollihope CarrsNY 96154 35496
Catterick MossNY 99477 35937



Will Carter22.
Tom Carter22.
Duncan Archer22.
Andy Blackett17.
Michael Sturla03.
Matt Santo10.
Graeme Watt (Elvet Striders)
Colin William26.
Graham Bradshaw15.
George Cooper20.
Chris Bird20.
Owen Carter17.
Dan Hoyle21. very wet
Mike and Steve Lumb16.
Aaron Dobrianski22.
Michael Sturla23.
Chris Dale27.
James Ridley21.
Mark Bevan23.
Steve Lumb12.
Andy Blackett + James Osborn25.
Adam Bridges04.
Marie-Louise Ridley31. Cramb also
Kate Fogelberg10.
Stuart Scott (Elvet Striders)
Martin Wilson04.
Stuart Scott (Elvet Striders)
Paul Hodgson09.
Adam Bridges14.
Paul Brunger09.
Mark Marchant09.
Peter Storey09.
Meghan McCarthy + Rory Woods01.
Andrew Foster16.
Stan Gibson16.
Paul Hodgson20., semi-solo,winter + night
P Hodgson + Max Wilkinson15. + evening/night
Stan Gibson10.
Andy Blackett18.
Fran Blackett09.
Ian Hutchinson, Alison Hardy, Lorraine Collier19.
Ron Brown25.
David Catterick and Mark Gayer31. (Mark: 5.09.57; David 5.10.13). Part assisted (nav) by Steve Lumb
Stu Ferguson05.
Ian Hutchinson + Liz Gray15.
Fran Blackett14.
Dougie Nisbet26. + solo
Shane Harris26., anti-clockwise (and coffee/sausage bap stop at Parkhead)