Training nights are usually Thursday evening from the Visitor Centre at Hamsterley Forest. If you are interested in coming along please first get in touch by emailing and also complete a new DFR runner form and give it to one of the coaches. Please familiarise yourself with Covid-19 guidelines.

Training Plan for 2021

06/05/2021Uphill Endurance: Ayhope Figure of 8. (1 rep=1.4miles). 6 reps. Ayhope Beck - NZ07973125
13/05/2021Fartlek: 4-3-2-1; 4 Reps Bottom of Yellow Brick Road NZ08770 31417. Remember: 1 for GO, 2 for SLOW.
20/05/2021DFR on Tour Stanhope Being led astray by Steve Lumb, 7pm at the Dales Centre Car Park, Stanhope DL13 2FJ.
27/05/2021Downhill Running: Brow of hill to wall, Potato Hill. Turn left at the style on to the fell (Grid ref NZ06608 31040), follow wall line to brow of hill.
03/06/2021Uphill: Beck to Standing Stones, 8 Reps Ayehope Beck
10/06/2021Uphill/Downhill transition Endurance Circuit x 4
17/06/2021DFR on Tour -Blanchland NY96485 50447 with Alan Hunt
24/06/2021Fartlek Triangle “Standing Stones”


Grid RefLocation
NZ 07105 31260Ayehope Beck
NZ 05021 31626Brown Law Start/Finish
NZ 09283 31194Car Park
NZ 07068 32910Doctor's Gate
NZ 08677 32745Dryderdale Plantation
NZ 03935 34316Elephant Trees
NZ 03080 28035Five Lane Ends
NZ 06581 31682Gate to quarry
NZ 06600 30984Potato Hill
NZ 08248 31739Redford Allotments and Mill Plantation
NZ 07201 32014Rocky Road
NZ 08471 30502Ros's Hill Climb
NZ 06858 30984Standing Stones
NZ 04974 31687The "Hidden Valley"
NZ 08942 30877The Loop
NZ 07898 31331Wall End
NZ 08701 31466Yellow Brick Road

Locations Map

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