20@20 Challenges

During 2024, DFR celebrate our 20th birthday, to mark this milestone we are attempting to complete the following 20(ish) challenges.

1) DFR weekend away and ceilidh

Challenge organisers – Jon, Becca, Andy C
Date – Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd June

“🥳 DATE FOR YOUR DIARY – DFR 20th Birthday! 🥳


6pm – Midnight

£10 per person inc. casserole, snacks, soft drinks, music and dancing.

Please confirm your place by transferring the relevant amount of money to the DFR bank account. 09-01-55. 37185186. Business account.

On Saturday 22nd June we are heading to Dufton to celebrate all things DFR!

There will be the opportunity to head out on a social run or two followed by an evening of food, drinks and ceilidh dancing 🕺

The evening’s events will be held in Dufton Village Hall so there are plenty of options to make a full weekend of it by staying locally at the campsite or in a nearby holiday cottage.

We’d love to see as many members there as possible to celebrate an amazing 20 years of our club! Friends and family welcome 😊

Social sec. Becca.

2) Attend 20 DFR training sessions

Challenge organiser – Andy B
Challenge details – this is an individual challenge to attend 20 training sessions
Current progress – see table below, up to 25th Jan

3) Visit 20 county Durham trig points

Challenge organiser – Rachel D, Dan R
Challenge details – this is an individual challenge to visit 20 County Durham Trig points
Send your trig reports to Rachel and Dan here…

    4) Summit all 214 Wainwrights

    Challenge organiser – Fran
    Challenge details – this is a club challenge to collectively visit the summit of all the Wainwrights within the year.

    Current tally – 185/214 bagged.

    There are some issues with the map below – some summits are not marked. Please refer to the table for summits that still need to be bagged.

    Summits still to be bagged are:

    NY291121 Ullscarf
    NY488078 Tarn Crag ( Far Eastern)
    NY472063 Shipman Knotts
    NY369181 Sheffield Pike
    NY273113 Sergeant’s Crag
    NY258125 Rosthwaite Fell
    NY271042 Pike o’ Blisco
    NY39709 Middle Dodd
    NY236182 Maiden Moor
    NY137226 Low Fell
    NY302046 Lingmoor Fell
    NY465077 Kentmere Pike
    NY234162 High Spy
    NY393107 High Hartsop Dodd
    NY411118 Hartsop Dodd
    NY382120 Hartsop above How
    SD219997 Harter Fell (Southern)
    NY496072 Grey Crag
    NY269146 Great Crag
    NY264162 Grange Fell
    NY318099 Gibson Knott
    NY132242 Fellbarrow
    NY275120 Eagle Crag
    NY249049 Crinkle Crags
    NY263036 Cold Pike
    NY249159 Castle Crag
    NY136061 Buckbarrow
    NY225355 Binsey
    NY225114 Base Brown 

      5) 20 reps of Wall End in a single run

      Organiser – Fran
      Date – 21st September

      29.3km with 1681m ascent.

      6) 20 mile group run around Hamsterley

      Organiser – Paul Hodgson
      Date – TBA

      7) 20km group run around Hamsterley

      Organiser – open for offers!
      Date – TBA

      8) Billy Bland Challenge

      Organiser – open for offers!
      Date – TBA

      9) Relay of Durham Hewitts

      Organiser – Andy B
      Date – TBA

      10) 20 DFR Runners at a Hamsterley Parkrun – Completed!

      Organiser – Nicky Morse
      Date – Saturday 9th March

      11) Achieve 20 first place age cat. finishes at parkrun

      Organiser – Andy C
      Details – this is a club challenge to collectively achieve 20 1st place finishes at Parkrun
      Current Progress – see table…

      To add your name to the table, complete this form.

        What was the date

        What age Category did you win?

        12) 200 DFR Fell Race completions

        Organiser – Nicky Morse
        Submit a race completion report to add to the log. Race completion report
        Current Progress –

        13) DFR Members ascend 20x height of Everest in a month

        Organiser – Hamish Carrick
        Date – May

        14) 20 completions of Stanhope 6 Trigs in a weekend

        Organiser – open for offers!
        Date – TBA

        15) 20 completions of the 20 control Hamsterley orienteering course

        Organiser – open to offers!
        Date – TBA

        16) 20 DFR runners at a fell race

        Organiser – open for offers!
        Date – TBA

        17) 20 runners at the Hodgson Birthday Timetrial

        Organiser – Rory Woods
        Date – TBA

        18) Open to suggestions

        Organiser – open for offers!
        Date – TBA

        19) Open to suggestions

        Organiser – Andy B
        Date – TBA

        20) Open to suggestions

        Organiser – open for offers!
        Date – TBA