MapRun challenges

MapRun is a free to use app which enables GPS based orienteering style challenges to be completed with results available and publically shared. These challenges are free to use for everyone, but if you enjoy the challenge you would probably enjoy our training sessions so do consider joining DFR.

To use MapRun now you need to have MapRun7 (which is just called MapRun) so if you have an older version, or you aren’t sure, delete the app and download the app called MapRun from the links below.

How to use MapRun. Note there is no mobile signal in Hamsterley Forest, so you will need to download the course before you get to the forest.

  • Before you begin make sure you have downloaded the new version of MapRun from the links above and have entered your ‘User Profile’ on the app home screen.
  1. **Before you get to Hamsterley Forest** Scan the QR code or follow the link for the course you want to complete. (This will download the map and all relevant data to your device).
  2. When you get to Hamsterley click ‘Go to Start‘.
  3. Click ‘Options and Settings’.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click ‘Check Notification Settings’ if you don’t hear an alert then turn the sound on on your device or adjust your notification prefances so you do hear a sound.
  5. Go back using the < symbol in the top left.
  6. Go to the start (as in physically walk there, don’t be looking for a button to take you to the start).
  7. When you get to the start you will hear a notification and the timer will start automatically.
  8. You can put your phone away now, lock the screen, use it to listen to music or whatever you want to do. The app will continue to run in the background and as you reach each control it will log your time and give a notification.
  9. When you get to the finish you will receive another notification and be given the option to upload your results.

Hamsterley Fixed Orienteering Course

Northern Navigators have made a fantastic Orienteering map of the permanent course at Hamsterley Forest. The controls are all wooden posts with an orienteering flag symbol on them. At DFR’s training session on Thursday 13th June we will have copies of the NN map, if you don’t have a copy then you can use the map below which has been made from OpenStreetMap data.

The event is set up as a 90 minutes score course, so get as many controls as you can and then get back to the start in 90 minutes. You will get 20 points for each control visited and you will lose 10 points for each minute (or part of) which you are late back. Note that control 5 is missing on the ground, but the small boulder is there.

Data Table
ID Value Description
1 20 Path Junction
3 20 Path Junction
4 20 Stream W. Side
5 20 NO CONTROL POST Boulder 0.5m SW Side
6 20 Small Depression E. Side
7 20 Stream S. Side
8 20 Spur Top
9 20 Pit
10 20 W. Spur
11 20 Ditch SW. Side
12 20 Ditch Junction
13 20 Path Bend
14 20 Ditch S. Side
16 20 Wall SE. outside corner
17 20 Thicket SE. Side
18 20 Small gully junction
19 20 Stream NW. side
20 20 Ditch/Earth wall crossing