Club Champs: 2022

The races for the 2022 club championships are below.

Also attached are the rules for this year. Scoring will be as previous years; your best scoring race from each category will count towards your total. Look out for the addition of a bonus points opportunity, if you complete at least one long and five other races.

As always, please follow and respect any latest pandemic guidance and any new restrictions on travel etc. if and when these occur. Hopefully, things slowly get back to normal throughout this year, and I’d love to see lots of DFR vests at the nominated races.

DateRaceFRA CategoryDFR CategoryLocation
26/02/2022High Cup Nick
Enter Online: SiEntries
BMMEDIUM [M1]North Pennines
13/03/2022Carrock FellASSHORT [S1]Lake District
20/03/2022BilsdaleALLONG [L1]NY Moors
30/04/2022Guisborough 3 TopsAMMEDIUM [M1]NY Moors
09/06/2022Kettlewell AnniversaryASSHORT [S2]Yorkshire Dales
09/07/2022WasdaleALLONG [L2]Lake District
20/07/2022FellsideAMMEDIUM [M3]Lake District
06/08/2022Osmotherley ShowBSSHORT [S3]NY Moors
19/11/2022Tour of PendleALLONG [L3]Lancs


  1. The club championship will consist of 9 FRA Fell Races. There will be two races selected for the club championship in each of the FRA categories of Short, Medium and Long (S, M & L).
  2. Points will be awarded based on finishing positions in each of the 9 races.
  3. The participant’s total points for the season will be calculated by adding together the points they have received for their highest scoring race in each of the 3 categories.
  4. 5 additional points will be awarded to all runners completing a minimum of 6 nominated races, if at least 1 race is from the ‘Long’ category.
  5. The points awarded in each race will be as follows:
    1. 1st – 40 points
    2. 2nd – 39 Points
    3. 3rd – 38 points
    4. 4th – 37 points
    5. and so on …
  6. There will be separate scoring in men’s and women’s club championship competitions.
  7. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in both the men’s and women’s club championship competitions.
  8. In the event of a tie in any of the prize positions, the following tie-breaker process will be employed:

The head to head results of the tied participants will be considered

If there is still a tie, then the tied participant’s will be invited to complete a ‘lockdown-style’ independent challenge. The exact format of this will remain undefined until after the final race of the season, but enough time will be allowed for each of the tied competitors to complete the challenge, prior to the Club Championship presentation at the 2022 Christmas Do.

The results for the season and races so far are below. If you seen any mistakes then please let us know at and/or


Club Champs 2022 - Results Men

Dougie Nisbet0000
Andy Blackett0000
Paul Hodgson0000
Max Wilkinson0000
Ian Hutchinson0000
Stephen Lumb0000
Tom Carter0000
Rory Woods0000
Matt Walker0000
Aaron Dobrianski0000
Owen Carter0000
Andrew Stimson0000
Martyn Farnsworth0000
Andrew Charles0000
Club Champs 2022 - Fixtures and Details

Club Champs 2022 - Results Ladies

Dawn Hosking0000
Denise Tunstall0000
Kathleen Fogelberg0000
Meghan McCarthy0000
Club Champs 2022 - Fixtures and Details

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