The races for the 2024 club championships are below.

Your best scoring race from each category will count towards your total. Your best result in short, medium and long categories count towards your total, plus your best other result (any category).

Rules for 2024

  1. The club championship will consist of 9 Fell Races. There will be three races selected for the club championship in each of the FRA categories of Short, Medium and Long (S, M & L).
  2. Points will be awarded based on finishing positions in each of the 9 races.
  3. The participant’s total points for the season will be calculated by adding together the points they have received for their highest scoring race in each of the 3 categories, plus their best other result (any category). This means a maximum of 4 results will count towards your total
  4. The points awarded in each race will be as follows:
    • 1st – 40 points
    • 2nd – 39 Points
    • 3rd – 38 points
    • 4th – 37 points
    • And so on…
  5. There will be separate scoring in men’s and women’s club championship competitions.
  6. In the Mini Mountain Marathon event, the 3 hour score is the required course.
  7. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in both the men’s and women’s club championship competitions.
  8. In the event of a tie in any of the prize positions, the following tie-breaker process will be employed:
    • The head to head results of the tied participants will be considered
    • If there is still a tie, then the participant’s best ‘other’ result, used in the calculation of their total points, will be used to determine how they performed compared to the race winner (male and female respectively) of that particular event.

      For example, if tied ‘Runner A’s best other result was Chevy Chase, which they completed in 2.5 hours, and the race was won in 2 hours, ‘Runner A’s performance was +25%. If tied ‘Runner B’s best other result was Cautley Horseshoe, which they completed in 1.5 hours and the race was won in 1 hour, ‘Runner B’s performance was +50%. In this scenario, Runner A’s performance was comparatively better, therefore they win the tie.
DateRaceFRA CategoryDFR CategoryLocation
04/02/2024 (10:30)Cod Beck CanterBMMedium [M1]Ingleby Cross, NY Moors
15/06/2024 (11:30)
Buttermere Sailbeck, I can't find any details of this years race online, let me know if you spot anything. MapAM (English Champs)
Medium [M2]
Buttermere Village, Lakes
29/6/2024 (09:00)Durham Dales ChallengeBL
Long [L1]Wolsingham, Weardale
02/07/2024 (19:15)Saltwell Fell Race
BSShort [S1]Stanhope, Weardale
28/07/2024 (11:00)James Herriot RunCMMedium [M3]Castle Bolton, Nr Leyburn
31/08/2024 (12:30)Dufton ShowASShort [S2]Dufton, Cumbria
28/09/2024 (12:00)Two BreweriesALLong [L3]Traquair, Nr. Peebles
17/11/2024 (0800-10:00)Peak Raid Mountain Marathon 3Orienteering/Mountain MarathonLong [L2]Peak District
07/12/2024 (11:00)Realy Wild BoarASShort [S3]Near Kirkby Stephen

Preview of the 2024 Club Champs races from Fran.

The races I have written in green are easy and accessible to beginners/slower runners. The red races are challenging either in terms of cut offs, terrain, navigation – or all three. The orange ones are somewhere in the middle!


Club Champs 2024 – Results Men

Chris Alborough40
Rory Woods393903900
Joe Addison3838
Hamish Carrick373703700
Martin Wilson363603600
Ian Hutchinson353503500
Paul Hodgson343403400
Dan Rhodes333303300
Dougie Nisbet323203200
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Club Champs 2024 - Results Ladies

Denise Tunstall393903900
Meghan McCarthy404004000
Club Champs 2023 - Fixtures and Details