Results generator spreadsheet

Andy Blackett of Durham Fell Runners has written the spreadsheet attached below. It’s designed to make it very easy to produce race results and has lots of error checking functionality built in. It doesn’t use any specialist excel knowledge such as macros.


  • Merge pre-entry and entry on the day information.
  • Populates all results tables with name, category, club on entry of the race numbers in the finishing order tab.
  • Copes with consecutive or non-consecutive numbering.
  • Produces Gender and age category results tables in both 5 year and 10 year brackets.
  • Produces team results, for teams of 2,3 or 4, for Male and Female teams.
  • Highlights, on the entries tab, which runners have been recorded as finished.
  • Highlights any runners who have been recorded as finishing multiple times.
  • Highlights any runner who’s age category doesn’t match their gender.
  • Highlights any times which are lower than the runner before them.
  • Points out with ‘top 3’ tag any age category winner who was also top 3 in their gender, so you can choose to ‘roll down’ prizes.
  • Generates results without the user entering race time, so this can be done the evening after the race.
  • Generates a ‘published format’ which can be exported and put on club websites or sent to the FRA.
  • Generates a FRA format which can be extracted and uploaded to
  • Generates a TablePress format which can be saved as a csv and uploaded to tablepress or other web based table applications.
  • Generates a tab which can be copied and pasted into the word document sent out by the FRA after every race
  • Is entirely free to use for non-commercial fell races. For other use, please contact Andy Blackett to discuss terms.
  • Supports races with up to 1000 runners.

If you would like to see additional features added please contact Andy Blackett through the ‘contact us’ button to discuss if is possible to do.