Roll of honour

Men's Club Champions

2023Chris Alborough
2022Andrew Stimson
2021Andy Blackett
2020Andy Blackett
2019Andy Blackett
2018Andy Blackett
2017Andy Blackett
2016Jim Mann
2015Andy Blackett
2014Andrew Charles
2013Andy Blackett
2012Dan Rhodes
2011Andy Blackett
2010Graham Burns
2009Mike Mallen
2008Mike Mallen

Ladies Club Champions

YearLadies champion
2023Roselyn Kelsey
2022Denise Tunstall
2021Denise Tunstall
2020Meghan McCarthy
2019Meghan McCarthy
2018Denise Tunstall
2017Denise Tunstall
2016Denise Tunstall
2015Denise Tunstall
2014Denise Tunstall
2013Denise Tunstall
2012Denise Tunstall
2011Dawn Metcalfe (Hosking)
2010Denise Tunstall & Roselyn Kelsey
2009Denise Tunstall

Chairman's Trophy

YearChairman's Trophy Winner
2023Martin Wilson
2022Andy Blackett
2021Mark Bevan
2020Fran Blackett
2019Paul Hodgson
2018Mark Bevan
2017Andrew Charles
2016Denise Tunstall
2015Stu Ferguson
2014Mike Mallen & Karen Partridge
2013Jim Mann
2012John Nightingale
2011Stu Ferguson
The Chairman's Trophy is awarded every year for an outstanding contribution to the club, there is no particular criteria for the award other than it being obvious who should win it.

Coaches' Trophy

YearCoaches' Trophy Winner
2023Joe Addison/Ros Kelsey
2022Becca Melville
2020Meghan McCarthy
2019Helen Casey
2018Tom Dobbing
2017Chris Bird
2015Gwynn Stokes
2013Jon West
2012Helen Witham
2011Andy Blackett
The Coaches' Trophy is awarded every year to the runner who has caught the attention of the coaches.

Note: There are years missing due to a lack of record keeping from previous years, if you have information for any of the missing years please let us know.