Bob Graham Round

Our club has a fine tradition of members attempting, and assisting with the Bob Graham Round, a circuit of 42 peaks in the Lake District which is to be completed within 24 hours. Below is a member of all known past and current completions.

DFR Bob Graham Rounds

Member #NameAgeGenderDate of RoundTimeDirectionNotes
1005Steve Lumb38Male29/06/199623:19Clockwise
1070Ray Maynard 31Male06/06/199821:49Clockwise
1371Digby Harris39Male21/07/200723:28Clockwise
1372Ken Maynard 48Male21/07/200720:36Clockwise
1617Jim Mann 33Male25/09/201022:07Clockwise
1617Jim Mann 34Male01/03/201120:39ClockwiseWinter
1617Jim Mann 36Male01/12/201318:18ClockwiseFormer Winter Record
1639Joe Charles 30Male29/05/201123:48Clockwise
1712Andy Blackett 30Male01/04/201223:40Clockwise
1732Patrick Bonnett 48Male26/05/201221:22Clockwise
1789Andrew Henderson 48Male26/05/201323:37Clockwise
1803Liam Armstrong 26Male08/06/201323:23Clockwise
1921Duncan Archer 38Male06/06/201518:51Clockwise
1957Gwynn Stokes 41Male28/06/201523:31Clockwise
2003Andrew Berry 31Male11/06/201618:51Clockwise
2003Andrew Berry 31Male07/01/201718:41ClockwiseMid-Winter Record
2068Tim Wiggins 33Male13/05/201722:43Clockwise
2069Graham Thomas 34Male13/05/201722:43Clockwise
2108George Cooper 30Male17/06/201721:08Clockwise
2138Chris Dale 40Male08/07/201721:12Clockwise
2214Max Wilkinson 32Male30/06/201822:58Clockwise
James Osborn34Male28/08/201822:15ClockwiseSolo with road support
2257Paul Kenneth Hodgson 41Male22/09/201822:35Clockwise
2272Chris Bird 40Male11/05/201918:55Clockwise
2278Thomas Dobbing 30Male18/05/201920:35Clockwise
1957Gwynn Stokes46Male01/08/202054:30Clockwise/ClockwiseDouble
Martin Wilson37Male29/08/202023:28ClockwiseSolo - unsupported
2440Alastair Black 38Male05/09/202022:36Clockwise
DFR Members, past and present Bob Graham Round details.

If you are a previous member or a current member who completed the BGR prior to joining/after leaving DFR and you would like your round recording here then get in touch and I will update.