Silent Night results 2023

PositionGender positionAge cat positionNameClubCategoryTime
111Chris AlboroughDurham Fell RunnersMSEN00:37:51*
222John WoodhouseDurham Fell RunnersMSEN00:40:21
333Max WilkinsonCalder ValleyMSEN00:40:48
444Joseph AddisonDurham Fell RunnersMSEN00:43:13
551Tim GrimwoodSwaledale RunnersM4000:44:09
662Ian HutchinsonDerwentside ACM4000:45:27
773Paul HodgsonDurham Fell RunnersM4000:51:05
884Aaron DobrianskiDurham Fell RunnersM4000:51:20
995Martin WilsonDurham Fell RunnersM4000:52:45
10101Adrian WilsonSunderland StrollersM5000:54:10
11116Ross RobertsonNorthumberland Fell RunnersM4001:01:30
1211Alison GouldingDerwentside ACW4001:03:51
13122Simon TibbittsM5001:04:56
* New Course Record

Bollihope Carrs 2023 results

PositionGender positionAge cat positionNameClubCategoryTime
111Hamish CarrickDurham Fell RunnersMSEN00:54:55
221Danny HopeHorwich R M I HarriersM4000:55:38
332Max WilkinsonCalder ValleyMSEN00:56:41
442Richard BatesonNorthumberland Fell RunnersM4000:57:14
553Tim GrimwoodSwaledale RunnersM4000:57:51
664Roger SillitoNorthumberland Fell RunnersM4000:58:15
773Scott MorleyEden RunnersMSEN00:58:26
885Ian HutchinsonDerwentside ACM4000:59:06
994Rory WoodsDurham Fell RunnersMSEN00:59:43
10106Martin WilsonDurham Fell RunnersM4001:00:08
11115Tim CalderMSEN01:02:37
12121Ed GambleCheshire Hill RacersM5001:03:03
13132Darren FishwickChorley Athletic and Triathlon ClubM5001:03:33
14143Garry RobsonNorthumberland Fell RunnersM5001:06:22
15156Jack FullerMSEN01:06:31
16167Will LloydTynedale Harriers & ACMSEN01:07:02
17171David AllisonNorth York Moors ACM6001:07:07
1811Katherine DavisNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubW5001:08:17*
19182Joe BlackettDark Peak Fell RunnersM6001:08:40
20198Nathan ButlerMSEN01:09:33
21207Kevin AshurstDerwent Valley Trail runnersM4001:09:34
22214David JamesElvet StridersM5001:09:52
23223Geoff DavisNorthumberland Fell RunnersM6001:11:01
24235Alan SimpsonThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM5001:11:13
25248Mick MonkmanM4001:11:21
26256Jim DurransHolmfirth Harriers ACM5001:11:27
27267Michael KeavneySwaledale RunnersM5001:12:34
28279Ross RobertsonNorthumberland Fell RunnersM4001:15:50
2921Alison GouldingDerwentside ACW4001:16:49
30288Gavin CoventryEsk Valley Fell ClubM5001:17:01
312910Ian DanbyM4001:17:34
323011Owen LoweryM4001:17:46
33319Graeme WaltersMSEN01:18:08
343212David GibsonEsk Valley Fell ClubM4001:19:29
35339Adrian WilsonSunderland StrollersM5001:21:20
36344Trevor SymondsNorthern Fells Running ClubM6001:22:02
373513Bruce SawyerM4001:22:03
38365Colin ValentineKeswick ACM6001:22:32
393714Karl GordonM4001:25:06
403810Paul EdwinTynedale Harriers & ACM5001:26:25
4132Denise TunstallDurham Fell RunnersW5001:26:49
42396Eddie PeatDurham Fell RunnersM6001:29:10
4341Shonah HollandWSEN01:38:19
4452Sarah NewmanWSEN01:38:43
* new course record

Thursday Night New Members Night

On Thursday 30th November, we will be hosting a new members night. This is an ideal opportunity to come along and meet our coaching and run leader team, chat to some existing members and have a go at one of our sessions.

We will be meeting in the Pine Room next to the visitor centre from 1845 and you have a choice of a chatty ~5km run or a hill session led by one of our leaders. All abilities are welcome to either session, you are always able to work at your own level.

Tea, coffee and cake will be available after your run which will be an ideal chance for a bit more chat.

Cronkley Fell Race Results – 9 Sep 2023

Cronkley Fell Race – 9 Sep 2023

age cat
1 1 1 Chris Alborough MSEN Durham Fell Runners 01:20:20
2 2 2 Adam Perry MSEN Helm Hill 01:22:39
3 3 1 Robert Bee M50 01:23:32
4 4 3 John Woodhouse MSEN Durham Fell Runners 01:27:03
5 5 4 Will Carter MSEN Dark Peak 01:27:31
6 6 1 Matt Walker M40 Durham Fell Runners 01:28:01
7 7 5 Joseph Addison MSEN Durham Fell Runners 01:30:14
8 8 6 Tom Hamilton MSEN Elvet Striders 01:31:21
9 9 2 Martin Wilson M40 Durham Fell Runners 01:31:45
10 10 7 Tom Carter MSEN Durham Fell Runners 01:32:28
11 11 8 Andrew Armin MSEN Saltwell Harriers 01:32:34
12 12 3 Andy Blackett M40 Durham Fell Runners 01:32:48
13 13 4 Richard Bateson M40 Northumberland Fell Runners 01:33:05
14 14 2 Simon Mounsey M50 Howgill Harriers 01:36:03
15 15 5 Graeme Watt M40 Elvet Striders 01:37:13
16 16 6 Simon Long M40 Saltwell Harriers 01:40:24
17 17 9 Joe Stringer MSEN Northumberland Fell Runners01:40:39
18 18 1 Tony Bolton M60 Northern Fells Running Club 01:42:14
19 19 2 Philip Pearson M60 Northern Fells Running Club 01:44:35
20 20 7 Jamie Hardman M40 01:48:41
21 21 8 Andrew Stimson M40 Durham Fell Runners 01:49:56
22 22 3 Ian Warhurst M60 Pennine Fell Runners 01:50:47
23 1 1 Tamsin Imber W40 Elvet Striders 01:52:26
24 23 9 Sean Robinson M40 Howgill Harriers 01:52:27
25 24 3 John Rippon M50 Northumberland Fell Runners01:53:44
26 25 4 Chris Curtis M50 Northern Fells Running Club 01:54:56
27 26 10 Jordan Rogers-Smith MSEN 01:55:48
28 27 4 David Armstrong M60 Northumberland Fell Runners01:57:12
29 28 5 Andrew Fahey M50 Durham Fell Runners 01:58:26
30 29 6 Jonathan Mills M50 02:00:19
31 30 10 Dominic Martin M40 Saltwell Harriers 02:01:26
32 31 5 Paul Doxford M60 South Shields Harriers & AC 02:01:33
33 32 7 Iain Atkinson M50 Durham Fell Runners 02:02:57
34 33 11 Jack Fuller MSEN 02:06:50
35 2 2 Claire Calverley W40 Northumberland Fell Runners02:07:25
36 34 8 Simon Dobson M50 Elvet Striders 02:09:49
37 35 11 Matthew McGuinness M40 02:11:07
38 36 12 Jack Coglan MSEN 02:12:50
39 3 3 Marie Murtagh W40 Easington Running Club 02:14:11
40 37 6 Eddie Peat M60 Durham Fell Runners 02:14:45
41 38 9 Gareth Cozens M50 Howgill Harriers 02:16:23
42 4 1 Denise Tunstall W50 Durham Fell Runners 02:17:39
43 39 12 Matthew Farrer M40 Mynydd Du 02:18:59
44 5 1 Kim Taylor W60 Northumberland Fell Runners02:19:36
45 40 7 Andrew Duncan M60 Northumberland Fell Runners02:21:03
46 6 4 Zoe Robinson W40 Howgill Harriers 02:21:52
47 41 13 Thomas Mitchell MSEN 02:37:50
48 42 1 Andy Charles M70 Durham Fell Runners 02:43:55
49 7 2 Contogiorgi-Smith Elena W50 02:46:08
50 43 13 Scott Dewhurst M40 Cheviot Trail Runners 02:48:44
51 44 10 Simon Bray M50 Sinfin Running Club 03:03:59
52 8 5 Helen Smith W40 03:04:00
Fixture Details

flickr photo album
Durham Fell Runners - Cronkley Fell Race - 9 Sep 2023

Chapelfell Top Fell Race

For a preview of the race and general race organiser chat with Charlie Baker, click here for the latest episode of On the Back Foot.

On the Back Foot; Chapelfell Top preview

Chapelfell Top Fell Race

Information for Runners

Sunday 23rd July

Men’s race 1pm start

Women’s race 2pm start

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our fell race up Chapelfell Top. The race is unmarked and goes across rough ground. Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear and clothing and are prepared for the conditions. 

This race is licensed by the FRA and is run in line with their rules. GPS must not be used for navigation and no walking poles are permitted in this event. 

Kit requirements:

Race number; collect at registration

Timing dibber; collect at registration

Map; available to download on the race website, some will also be available at registration



Waterproof top with integrated hood and taped seams

Bring and be prepared to carry depending on the weather forecast: 

Waterproof bottoms with taped seams



Race day information

  • Car parking will be available in a field to the east of the village, £5 per car. Please car share if possible as space will be limited. What3Words
  • Portaloo toilets will be located in the finishing field behind the cattle mart. 
  • Registration will take place in Barrington Hall on the village green and will be open from 11am. Please arrive in plenty of time to park and go through registration prior to your race start time – allow an hour.  Men’s race starts at 1pm. Women’s race starts at 2pm. 
  • Water will be at the finish. Some paper cups will be available but please bring your own bottle if you can. These can be left in the finishing field while you race. 
  • Post-race refreshments will be available to purchase from Scoops and Smiles ice cream van, Piggy Blinders burger van, Chatterbox Café, the Blue Bell Inn (offering cakes, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks) and the Golden Lion pub. 
  • Pete Bland will be at registration with his van for any last minute kit purchases. 
  • Prizegiving will take place at Barrington Hall after the completion of the women’s race (approx. 3pm). 

We look forward to seeing you on the day and hope that you have a great run! 

Fran Blackett


A weekend at the OMM Festival, Grasmere

The OMM Festival is a relatively new event and seems to be developing each year. The event centre is based in Grasmere, Lake District and the options are incredibly flexible with it advertising itself as being inclusive and family friendly. You can visit for the day; stay locally and come onto site or for the runs or talks; or you can camp (in tents or vans) on site all weekend. 

The event centre:

This was well organised with fields for vans and tents and ample portaloos! The main marquee had a well-stocked bar and a decent food provider. All registration for events took place here but it never felt busy and I don’t think I queued for anything all weekend. There were a whole range of talks happening across the weekend and although I did not attend any of these there were some that sounded interesting and had we not had the children with us we certainly would have gone along. 

The event centre

The running: 

There seemed to be a running event to suit everyone’s tastes. This year the following running events were available: 

  • 5km 
  • 10km 
  • 17km 
  • Marathon 
  • OMM Lite short (9 hours total) and long score (12 hours total)

I believe that next year they will be adding an evening fell race into the mix. 

Our weekend:

This was the first year that either Andy or I had been and I can confirm that the whole event was incredibly family friendly (I emailed prior to the event to request an early start time to help accommodate childcare and this was happily sorted out by the organisers which felt welcoming and inclusive). We arrived on the Friday evening. We were camping on site all weekend and were efficiently shown to a camping spot. It felt slightly discombobulating to be seeing the OMM banners in hot, summer sunshine and without the feeling of impending doom that normally comes with seeing them in late October. Andy and I had decided to run solo at this event and had both entered the short score (which was 5 hours on the Saturday and 4 hours on the Sunday). We had our boys with us and Andy’s parents had kindly jumped on board with a plan whereby they stayed at the YHA in Grasmere and came down to the event centre each day to look after Joss and Kenny while Andy and I ran. Huge thanks to them for this! It felt great to have the boys with us. For years they have been going off to Granny’s house or Grandma and Grandad have been coming to look after them at home while we disappear to ‘race in the mountains all weekend’ without them really having a grasp of what we are doing. The boys were so excited to come to registration with us and were fascinated by the dibbers being attached to our wrists and seeing the start and finish gates really helped them start to understand what we were doing. 

There were plenty of events taking place during the day on Saturday to keep them entertained and feeling involved. They had great fun taking part in the Teddy Dash (it was only 200m but all children got a race number). There was also an orienteering course around the fields of the event centre as well as an orienteering maze which was complete with dibbers and download so that they could see their times. This appealed particularly to our eldest who seems to have a strong competitive streak. Can’t think where that comes from.

The Teddy Dash 

A little note on what a short/long score navigation event is: 

For these events you are given a set amount of time to be out which begins when you dib at the start. As you cross the line you are given a map. On this map are many controls spread across the event area. The controls each have a number of points ranging from 10 to 50 depending on how challenging they are to get to. The game is to collect as many points, by visiting the controls and dibbing there, as you can within the time limit for your event. If you are late back then you begin to lose points. If you are more than half an hour late back then you lose all the points you collected. The winner is the person with the most points. 

Fran’s Saturday: 

As I mentioned earlier, to help stagger the times that Andy and I were out on the fells, I had negotiated an early start time of 8am. This meant I was starting with those completing the long score event (they would be out for 7 hours, I would be out for 5). This didn’t really make much difference to anyone competing but it did mean I had a trophy on my dot which Andy’s dad was tracking all morning. I was sorry to disappoint him when I finished that this was only the case as all others on the short score just hadn’t been running for as long so didn’t have as many points! The weather was clear and it was obviously going to be another hot day. It was pleasant starting at 8am but this wasn’t going to last. The organisers are working hard to make this an inclusive event and accessible to those who are not familiar with navigation events. This included a race briefing at the start where the organiser went through the usuals of tell us if you retire, make sure you have your kit with you etc and then he dropped the bombshell that you had to remain on footpaths and rights of way for the duration of the event, even when on the open fell. Normally, once on the open fell then anything goes and I spend very little time on paths as I contour and find optimal routes (well, most of the time!). This seemingly small rule change was going to take up a lot more thinking time for me. 

Pre-race briefing 

Briefing complete, it was time to dib the start, get my map and make a day plan! I have done countless events like this. In the beginning, Andy and I would always do the score courses. There is no set distance, you get as far as you can within the time, if you can’t find a control it doesn’t matter you can just move on and look for another one with no penalty so they are really great for those that are less confident on their navigation skills. However, they are stressful in that you have a lot of decisions to make about which way you are going to go and which controls you are going to visit, how long that will take you and will you be back on time. I have moved towards preferring to enter linear courses where you have to visit every control on your course in order (if you can’t find one you DNF which is the main downside!). 

Which way to go? 

So when I dibbed the start last Saturday, took the map and looked at it I was filled with a familiar panic! Which way was I going to go?! Normally a clockwise or anticlockwise loop jumps out at me but nothing did. I decided to head out on a loop that would take me up and above the event centre before looping back down to Loughrigg (CO, CM, BC, BG). 

The navigation looked straightforward and I reasoned that I would be able to get a good look at the map while I completed this loop. This worked well. I made decent progress and came up with a plan. From BG I decided I would head up Loughrigg (BB) and then down to DF to the east of Elter Water. When I got there I would look at the time and come up with a plan. I could either start heading back towards the Event Centre or head up the Langdale valley. I was toing and froing with a female pair who passed me on the ascent of Loughrigg then I caught them on the descent then together we made our way onto the road. Then I lost sight of them. Pleasingly as I arrived at checkpoint DF, they approached shortly afterwards from the opposite direction. They had gone the long way round on the road whilst I had taken a shorter if more fiddly way navigation wise. This pleased me as it is why I can perform much better in these events than a straightforward race to the gun. A little wily route choice can keep me in pace! 

Fran’s route from the summit of Loughrigg

The time was looking pretty good so I headed up Langdale valley. This meant a long stretch on the Cumbria Way, tarmac road and hard track. I was wearing Inov8 mudclaws. Not the best footwear choice it turned out (I trashed them, losing about 4 studs by the end of the day). I also got really hot. Really, really hot. By the time I reached checkpoint AE I was cooked. My heart was racing and my legs were jelly. I was now looking at the clock and wondering if 2 hours was going to be enough time to get back to the event centre. Score course anxiety kicking in! I had a steep 400m climb ahead. Normally, I reckon on doing 100m of elevation gain every 8mins or so which would have given plenty of time. But I knew I was no longer moving that well. On my way along the road I spotted a river. I topped up my soft flasks and decided to dunk my cap. This was joyous! Why hadn’t I done this earlier? On I plodded. I didn’t feel stressed. I had decided that it wasn’t worth giving myself heat stroke for. If I was feeling that rubbish, then my body was telling me something. So I just took my time. One step in front of the other and grovelled my way up the steep climb. 

I was aiming for checkpoint CC at the top and then I was on my way back. However, the checkpoint wasn’t exactly where I expected it to be (later, Andy would tell me that he had also struggled to find it as there were two parallel paths). My head was so fried by this point – I had been concentrating on my own for 4 hours – that I did not have the problem solving capabilities to fix it. I am full of regret now. I must have been so close to it! I enjoy running solo, it is challenging – and I can go where I like – but in moments like these a partner would be able to pick up the slack and help me out or tell me to get a grip and solve it! 

Checkpoint abandoned, I headed back to the Event Centre without any other real problems. 8 minutes inside the time. I definitely should have spent that 8 minutes looking for checkpoint CC! 

Finish line on day 2. This was sprinkling cold water down on me which was glorious. 

Andy’s Sunday:

After day one, I was in 2nd place on the short score course, having matched the points gained by Charles Levitt and being 2 minutes late back, so being 2 points behind.  Picking up the map there was an obvious horseshoe of Great Rigg for 140 points, but it would have been hard work picking up more than that, so I looked at the rest of the map.  It was clear heading West towards High Raise (CH) then Pike of Stickle (DH) would give good points, and lots of options on the way back in.  I saw 3 routes to High Raise, Easdale Tarn (BN) via (BO) followed by Far Easdale (BH) gave 70 points, Helm Crag (AH) gave 40 points or Greenburn (AM) gave 40 points.  I went with Easdale Tarn/Far Easdale to get some points in the bag, recognising this would mean I would probably not be able to take all the options I saw for the 2nd half of the route.

I took the green route for 70 points, rather than the pink or red for 40 points each.

Things went smoothly to High Raise, then I lost concentration on the way over Thunacar Knott, it is ground I know well, and I thought, “Thunacar Knott, I’m not on the BG, I can bypass the summit of this one to the East” I didn’t look at the map and realise the path I was on would lead me towards Pavey Ark and I had to go round past Harrison Stickle then descend before climbing towards Pike of Stickle. This error probably cost me 15 minutes, and I made it to save a few seconds by not considering the map.

Long story short.  As I was descending to Pike Howe (CB) the sole of my right shoe started to peel off, I put my glove over the toe of my shoe, but that kept coming off, tried some first aid tape, which wasn’t strong enough, then took off my left sock and put it over my right shoe.  Scott Collier did this for 1.5 days at the Saunders MM once, so I figured I would be ok for the next 2 hours.  It worked well, but faffing around probably cost another 5 minutes.  I was now much later than I planned, binned off most of my options for the way home, and headed for (DO) for another 20 points.  I misread the map in my panic incorrectly identified the correct wall corner, ended up in a jumble of drystone walls, abandoned the last planned control, and ran back to Grasmere, got lost looking for the bridge over the river and came in 12 minutes late to loose 25 points.

If I’d found the right wall corner it would have given me 20 more points and led me to a shorter run in which would have probably got me in on time to avoid the 25 point penalty and I’d have won by 8 points.  However at the end of 9 hours running there will always be some errors or sub-optimal choices and I’m pleased with how it all went.

Andy’s planned route in blue, actual route in red
Prizegiving, second place in the short score

If, after reading all this you think you might fancy coming along next year, the dates are 1st-2nd June 2024. It would be great to have a larger DFR crowd there. Ideal if you fancy a two day navigation event but don’t much fancy a cosy night spooning with your partner in a 1 man tent. However, remember, you don’t have to spend hours chasing points round the hills; enter the 5km and spend the rest of the time enjoying what the beer tent and ice cream van have to offer! 

Click here for more information here is a link to the event website

Chapelfell Top – Entry information

Details of the 2023 English Fell Running Championships counter race can be found following the link below.

Enter via SiEntries here 

Entries for those on the guaranteed entry list will open on Saturday 13th May at 0800. To be guaranteed an entry you should enter by 09:00 on Friday 19th May.

Entries for FRA members only will open at 10:00 on Friday 19th May and close at 09.00 on Friday 26th May or when 70% of the places have been filled.

Entries for all remaining places will open for all at 10:00 on Friday 26th May and a waiting list will be used if the event becomes full (500 limit).

2023 Preview

Here is brief preview of key club events happening throughout this year. It is not an exhaustive list but I think includes the key fell running events of 2023.


Sunday 8th – Commondale Clart – club champs, short 


Saturday 4th – Wadsworth Trog -club champs, long 

Saturday 11th – Ladies on Tour to Carrock Fell, Lake District 


Saturday 11th – At the Double – club champs, medium 


Thursday 27th – DFR organised Cockfield Chase race, RO Andy Blackett 


Wednesday 10th  – Cautley Horseshoe – club champs, short 


2-4th June OMM Lite Festival, Grasmere – a weekend with camping, food, beer and races to suit all tastes from 5km trail runs to 7 hour score course. Andy and I are taking the boys for the weekend. It’d be great fun to have a bunch of people from the club there for a relaxed running filled weekend.

More info on the OMM Lite here: 

Saturday 10th – Roman Wall Show – club champs, short 

Sunday 11th – Navigation day in Hamsterley Forest, details TBC.


1-2nd Saunders Mountain Marathon – the friendliest mountain marathon on the calendar. Courses to suit all abilities. Grab a partner and give it a go!

Saturday 1st July – Chevy Chase– club champs, long

SUNDAY 23rd JULY – DFR organised CHAPELFELL TOP ENGLISH CHAMPS RACE – clear your diaries – with the possibility of up to 500 runners, we’re going to need marshals galore (up to 10-15).


Sunday 20th – Sedburgh Hills – club champs, long 


Saturday 2nd – Grisedale Horseshoe – club champs, medium 

Saturday 9th – DFR organised Cronkley Fell race, RO Paul Hodgson

Sunday 10th – Lake District Mountain Trial – a classic in the fell running calendar. A chance to test your navigation and mountain craft in a long running event.


Sunday 1st – Hodgson Brothers Relay, Patterdale, Lake District – we pick our strongest male team for this prestigious event to take on the best runners from the best clubs. There is a limited number of clubs accepted to participate and a waiting list of other clubs keen to jump in. With this in mind we need to field as strong a team as possible. Clear your diaries fast lads!! 

Saturday 21st  – British Fell and Hill Relays, Keswick, Lake District – organised by Keswick AC this year so pretty easy to get to. Last year we had three teams (male, female and mixed) complete the relays which was incredible. If you’re excited to take part then put the date in your diary! 


Sunday 10th – Simonside Cairns – club champs, medium 

Saturday 16th – DFR organised Bollihope Carrs race, RO Andy Blackett 

Monday 18th – DFR organised Silent Night race, RO Andy Blackett