Leg 13: Paul and Max

  • Start: Kentmere – Sat 28 Aug 8:10 pm
  • Finish: Martindale Church – Sun 29 Aug 2:54 am

Leg 13, unlucky for some. Thankfully not us as we continued to enjoy the dry settled weather that has been a part of this adventure since Thursday. Although we only got to enjoy the sun for a short while, the daylight finally retreating as we tagged our first top, Shipman Knotts. Again, very little drama to speak of. The mist rolled in along the High Street ridge, making the less prominent tops more difficult to find, but this didn’t last long. The final descent from Bonscale Pike to Howtown tested the tired legs, but we soon were able to pass the ‘baton’ on to Meghan and Martyn for leg 14.

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