Bilsdale Results

Bilsdale [L1] - 20 Mar 2022

4Chris AlboroughMO/202:17:33
15Andy BlackettM40/402:26:09
19Martin WilsonMO/702:26:49
29Joe AddisonMO/1102:37:11
35Owen CarterMO/1502:40:35
37Andrew StimsonM40/1202:42:06
41Paul HodgsonM40/1302:47:19
68Dawn HoskingF40/202:59:33
74Adam BridgesM40/2503:07:45
84Meghan McCarthyFO/603:12:33
87Mark SmithM40/2903:13:33
105Roslyn KelseyF40/903:35:37
115Dougie NisbetM50/1203:56:04
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Club Champs 2022 - Fixtures and Details

Club Champs 2022 - Results Men

Andy Blackett118403939403939
Michael Sturla76393739370
Mark Smith103383332383332
Dougie Nisbet100373231373231
Chris Alborough40400040
Martin Wilson78403804038
Joe Addison37370037
Owen Carter36360036
Andrew Stimson71363503635
Paul Hodgson34340034
Adam Bridges67343303433
Dan Hoyle38380380
Andrew Henderson35350350
Club Champs 2022 - Fixtures and Details

Club Champs 2022 - Results Ladies

Dawn Hosking80404040040
Denise Tunstall79394039400
Meghan McCarthy39390039
Roslyn Kelsey38380038
Club Champs 2022 - Fixtures and Details

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