Cockfield Chase Results

60 runners turned out for this years Cockfield Chase, in what might be a fell running first, the female runners outnumbered the male by 31:29, the majority were enjoying their first fell race. Huge congratulations to all who ran, it was a wonderful evening and great to see you all out enjoying The Fell.

Sam Rhodes-Dawber finished first, completing the race lap in 13:40, he was 9 seconds ahead of Matt Walker (Both DFR).

Meghan McCarthy (DFR) finished in a time of 17:58, taking the ladies race by 15 seconds from Joanne Raine

Profits from the race will be donated to Cockfield Primary School defibrillator fundraising campaign and any other local charities suggested by entrants – please let me know your ideas.

Cockfield Chase - 29 Apr 2022

PositionGender positionAge cat positionNameClubTimeCategory
111Samuel Rhodes DawberDurham Fell Runners13:40MU21
221Matt WalkerDurham Fell Runners13:49M40
331Stephen JackWolf Pack Running Club14:04MSEN
442Phil TicknerDurham City Harriers & AC15:17M40
553Ian HutchinsonDerwentside AC15:40M40
662Michael SturlaDurham Fell Runners15:43MSEN
772Rory Hart15:53MU21
881Alistair HartHunters Bog Trotters16:13M50
992Andy BiggsDurham City Harriers & AC17:04M50
10104Leon CurryWolf Pack Running Club17:25M40
11113James FutersWolf Pack Running Club17:30MSEN
12124Stanton GibsonDurham Fell Runners17:38MSEN
13133Paul DelaneyDurham City Harriers & AC17:41M50
1411Meghan McCarthyDurham Fell Runners17:58WSEN
1522Joanne RaineCrook & Dist Sports AC18:13WSEN
1633Steph DobbingQuakers Running Club18:14WSEN
1744Alison GouldingDerwentside AC18:20WSEN
18145Paul Dickinson18:29M40
19156Paul WestWolf Pack Running Club18:33M40
20167Martin GreensittDerwent Valley Trail Runners18:57M40
21178John HollidayTeam caterpillar18:59M40
22184Darren FaircloughCrook & Dist Sports AC19:03M50
23195Digby HarrisPennine Fell Runners19:16M50
2451Angela HallDurham City Harriers & AC19:32W40
2565Sarah CookElvet Striders19:52WSEN
26209Darren StockdaleDarlington H & AC20:26M40
27211Eddie PeatDurham Fell Runners20:30M60
2876Emily Bonnett20:36WSEN
29222Andrew TurnellCrook & Dist Sports AC21:46M60
3081Martha McBarronSwaledale Runners22:19W60
3192Lynne CarruthersDurham City Harriers & AC22:29W60
32107Helen Bonnett22:31WSEN
33231Alan WilksAycliffe Running Club22:32M70
342410Blaine PattonWolf Pack Running Club23:02M40
35118Gemma Robertson23:14WSEN
36129Ellie Tucker23:14WSEN
371310Kimberlie Hitchcock23:24WSEN
38256David StothardAycliffe Running Club23:26M50
391411Lizzie LuptonDurham City Harriers & AC24:11WSEN
401512Debra Harland24:28WSEN
41161Barbara CrawleyTeesdale AC25:11W50
42172Susan JacksonRedway Runners26:01W50
43182Rachel EdmundsBlackhill Bounders26:03W40
44193Fiona HarringtonElvet Striders26:20W50
45263John HarrisonSwaledale Runners26:21M60
46272Charlie TaylorRunnation Running Club26:26M70
47203Sandrine HewittAycliffe Running Club26:28W40
48214Lesley Kipling26:54W40
49224Claire Weighell26:54W50
50235Diane LockhartQuakers Running Club26:55W40
512811Kevin Sugden27:38M40
522413Louise FranksTeesdale AC31:03WSEN
53297David RaymondTeesdale AC31:03M50
54255Louise HarringtonWeardale Flyers31:20W50
55266Lynda Kempsey31:23W50
56277Catherine Bonnett31:29W50
57288Amanda PettittTeesdale AC32:27W50
58296Helen SpavenQuakers Running Club1 lapW40
58309Mandy HarrisonTeesdale AC1 lapW50
583110Janet StablesTeesdale AC1 lapW50
Cockfield Chase - 28 Apr 2022

Cockfield Chase Results

Cockfield Chase - 29 Apr 2021

posgender posage-cat posNameClubTimeCategory
111Richard BatesonRAF Athletics13:03M40
221Samuel Rhodes Dawber n/a13:18MU21
331Rory WoodsDurham Fell Runners13:22MSEN
442Chris HendersonCrook & Dist Sports AC13:27MSEN
552Graeme WattElvet Striders13:31M40
663Tim GrimwoodSwaledale Runners13:41M40
773Adam MalloyNorthumberland Fell Runners13:49MSEN
884Paul HodgsonDurham Fell Runners13:55M40
994Martin WilsonDurham Fell Runners14:00MSEN
10105Tim Abeln/a14:11MSEN
11115Ian Hutchinsonn/a14:24M40
12126Paul DaltonAycliffe Running Club14:28M40
13136Doug Stimsonn/a15:18MSEN
14147Max WilkinsonDurham Fell Runners15:30MSEN
15157Andrew StimsonDurham Fell Runners15:51M40
1611Meghan McCarthyDurham Fell Runners16:09WSEN
17168Martyn FarnsworthDurham Fell Runners16:20MSEN
1822Andora HoldenDurham Fell Runners16:47WSEN
19178Paul TownsendDurham Fell Runners17:22M40
20181Clifford FeatherstoneDurham City Harriers & AC17:40M60
2131Claire CalverleyNorthumberland Fell Runners17:53W40
2242Roslyn KelseyDurham Fell Runners18:36W40
23191Fred TennantQuakers Running Club18:39M50
24202Rick BennettEvenwood Road Runners18:43M50
25219Paul Dickinsonn/a18:44M40
26229Stanton GibsonDurham Fell Runners19:00MSEN
2753Emily Heapn/a19:07WSEN
282310Mark HendryUnattached19:22M40
292410Michael Bellwoodn/a19:27MSEN
3064Clare RobinsonEvenwood Road Runners19:44WSEN
3175Esther NealCoxhoe On The Run19:55WSEN
3286Megan WilliamsDerwent Valley Running Club20:26WSEN
3391Denise TunstallDurham Fell Runners21:45W50
34253Andrew Robsonn/a22:19M50
35103Kate Milburnn/a22:42W40
36111Lynne CarruthersDurham City Harriers & AC22:50W60
37122Christine WoodsDurham City Harriers & AC22:52W60
38134Claire RobinsonNorth East Marathon Club23:06W40
392611Chris TaylorCoxhoe On The Run23:08M40
40145Sally Ann Greenwell Derwent Valley Running Club23:30W40
41156Jess Durhamn/a24:16W40
42163Jan YoungElvet Striders24:24W60
43177Christine Allenn/a24:54WSEN
44188Alison Gouldingn/a24:55WSEN
45272Charlie TaylorRunnation Running Club25:04M60
46197Isabella De Santis n/a27:50W40

Drone YouTube footage – by Darren Fairclough

Cockfield Chase -- Thu 29 Apr 2021 19-15-14 BST