Leg 7 – Alan and Dougie

  • Duddon Road above stepping stones to Tilberthwaite quarry car park
  • Fri, August 27, 2021, 5:31: pm to 9:47pm

A slightly chaotic start as leg 6 appeared from nowhere while I was still drinking my hot chocolate. Rory could make 20 cuppas in the time it takes my kettle to make 1.

A hasty departure then the long hot climb up Dow Crag. We took a good line, got the psychological lift of ticking our first Wainwright, then settled down for the remainder. Some nice steady ridge running on gorgeous evening sunshine with the occassional wisp of cloud and the alarming strains of Alan singing something about mists and swirls over Grey Friar to the tune of Mull of Kintyre.

Wetherlam was further than it looked then night fell, and a fiddly slow descent at first, before heading south and much faster brakes-off running, with a pause for Alan to fall and give his ankle a theatrical twist (6/10), before the welcome sight of the lights waiting for us and the beginning of the night shift.


Leg 5, James Osborn and Graham Thomas

Nether wasdale to hardknott pass. 3000m ascent, 38km, 8hours.

Fri, August 27, 2021, 7:57: am27/08/2021 16:04

Big day out in cloudless skies. Ticked off some big mountains including scafell, scafell pike, great end and bowfell. We had a great day moving well over tough terrain. Managed to stay on route finding some nice little trods around the minor prominences that wainright felt unworthy of including in his list! Great fun.

Stanhope 6 Trigs

Two new members to the ever expanding Stanhope 6 Trigs club. Yesterday (21 Aug 2021) saw Dan Hoyle complete it in 3.55.18 and today (22 Aug 2021) by Aaron Dobrianski in 3.58.23.

Mike and Steve Lumb16.
Paul Hodgson09.
Chris Dale27.
P Hodgson + Max Wilkinson15. + evening/night
Duncan Archer22.
Martin Wilson04.
Steve Lumb12.
Chris Bird20.
George Cooper20.
Ron Brown25.
Graham Bradshaw15.
Mark Bevan23.
James Ridley21.
Marie-Louise Ridley31. Cramb also
Andy Blackett18.
Andy Blackett + James Osborn25.
Meghan McCarthy + Rory Woods01.
Stu Ferguson05.
Ian Hutchinson + Liz Gray15.
Fran Blackett14.
Ian Hutchinson, Alison Hardy, Lorraine Collier19.
Paul Hodgson20., semi-solo,winter + night
Dougie Nisbet26. + solo
Owen Carter17.
Tom Carter22.
Will Carter22.
Matt Santo10.
Kate Fogelberg10.
Andy Blackett17.
Mark Marchant09.
Paul Brunger09.
Peter Storey09.
Stan Gibson10.
Stan Gibson16.
Andrew Foster16.
Colin William26.
Adam Bridges14.
Dan Hoyle21. very wet
Aaron Dobrianski22.
Fran Blackett09.
Michael Sturla23.
Adam Bridges04.